Nurturing the potential in every child

Our Services

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Our services help children develop important life skills so they can become more independent and gain confidence in their abilities.
Occupational Therapy can promote engagement in every day activities so children can have a positive and successful experience at home and school.

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles in the hand in coordination with our eyes.

Occupational Therapists can work with children to improve hand strength, coordination, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination to help children meet these functional demands:

    • ✓ Object manipulation
    • ✓ Pencil grasp
    • ✓ Printing
    • ✓ Keyboarding
    • ✓ Scissor use

Self Regulation

Self-regulation skills allow kids to manage their emotions,  thoughts, and behaviors when they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Occupational therapists can work with children to develop self-regulation skills so that they can become better at:

    • ✓ Coping with big emotions
    • ✓ Staying calm when they feel upset
    • ✓ Doing what is expected of them
    • ✓ Paying attention and avoiding distractions
    • ✓ Waiting to get what they want
    • ✓ Cooperating with others
    • ✓ Staying focused on their goals

Sensory Integration

Sensory Processing skills allow kids to receive, organize, and respond to sensory input in order to behave in a meaningful and consistent manner. 

Occupational therapists can work with children to cope with tactile, visual, taste, and noise sensitivities and offer sensory programming so that children can:

    • ✓ Process sensory input accurately
    • ✓ Be aware of their body positioning
    • ✓ Coordinate and move their body
    • ✓ Balance their body in space
    • ✓ Be comfortable “in their own skin”
    • ✓ Feel grounded, stable, and rooted

Our Values

At DOTS we are passionate about helping kids reach their fullest potential.
Our dedicated therapists are experienced and well-equipped to connect kids with the tools they need for success.



A child’s well being is determined by many factors, which includes their physical space and social environment. Our holistic approach means that our assessment process and therapy programs will be comprehensive and integrated, meeting the whole needs of a child  



Our therapists are invested in establishing a positive and responsive relationship and use play to engage and connect with each child. We recognize that play is one of the most important ways children learn and we leverage the benefits of play during therapy to promote learning and engagement   



We take an open and creative approach to therapy, recognizing that every child and situation is unique. Our adaptable mindset means that services are designed to meet each child’s unique profile  



We value the involvement of caregivers and consider caregivers to be part of the team. We aim to provide parent education, resources and skills training so that caregivers can be informed and equipped to support their child’s growth and development