Services Offered

DOT Therapists offer assessments, direct treatment, and consultation services to preschoolers and school-aged children. They are trained and knowledgeable about addressing concerns related to fine motor skills, self-regulation and sensory integration.



Depending on the presenting concerns, a thorough assessment may include informal observations of the client, client/caregiver verbal reports and formal standardized assessments



Therapy goals are established in collaboration with caregivers to direct treatment planning. Therapy sessions are most often weekly or bi-weekly. A variety of treatment techniques and resources are used to help our clients achieve their goals.  



Consultation services are available to families, educators, and other community agencies. Therapists can be available to help set up and monitor a therapy program for the child at home or school.



Workshops offer a wide variety of activities and resources so that parents, child-care providers and educators are equipped with the tools they need to support the learning and growth of children in areas related to fine motor skill development, self-regulation and sensory integration.

Clinic Visits & In Home Services

Our therapists provide services in multiple settings, including in the child’s home, daycare and school

Our clinic is located at the Whitby Mall and outfitted with a sensory gym and multiple clinic rooms for 1:1 therapy and group sessions

The space is equipped with a variety of therapy equipment to engage children of all ages

clinic photo 2
clinic photo 1


Initial Assessment

$150.00 per visit

Treatment Session (60 mins)

$150.00 per visit

Treatment Session (45 mins)

$135.00 per visit

Consultation & Reports

$150.00 per hour

Travel & Weekend Session Add-On

+ $25.00 per visit

DOTS believe in making occupational therapy an affordable option for children and their families. Services may be covered under extended health insurance benefits. Alternatively you may access therapy through funding. Please note that occupational therapy services are not covered by OHIP. For more information on service rates, please contact us. 

Payment Methods: Payment of fees is due upon receipt of the invoice, which will be issued at the end of each session. Where services are covered by supplementary insurance, clients are required to first pay directly and then submit invoices to the insurance company for reimbursement. Payment is accepted through e-transfer to